Fagus linkovi


The beginnings of this company can be traced in a more simple organizational structure of FAGUS, the independent company which founded smaller profit centers in the course of its later development and expanded range of services.

The Šiprage Sawmill was founded as a profit center of the FAGUS company in 2004 on the territory of Šiprage, the municipality of Kotor Varoš. The Šiprage Sawmill is specialized in the beech wood slotting as this area is abundant with beech and because the beech wood, due to its quality and multipurpose use, is in demand at the market. The FAGUS Company has invested a lot into the development of this profit center by purchase of modern equipment, increased production capacities and asphalt pavement of 2000 m2 of the factory area. Owing to financial investments and both staff and management committment to creating positive values and good business results, this profit center has justified the expectations of the parent Company.

Following its growth and development the Šiprage Sawmill and other profit centers of the company have seeked to be differentiated, independent and recognized at the market.

Thus, the FAGUS Group, whose former business units have become the independent companies, was founded. At the end of 2008 SILVATIKA Ltd. became a legal succesor of the Šiprage Sawmill profit center and one of seven independent companies within the FAGUS Group.



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